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Facebook Messenger ads out there

Starting later this year, you see Facebook Messenger ads. The chat service gets sponsored posts on the home screen.

In this way, via Messenger, when the user clicks on an advertisement, it can be redirected to the advertiser’s website, or linked directly to the advertiser, by staying on the Facebook messaging platform. According to the American group, the system of advertisements via Messenger should be deployed gradually throughout the year 2017.

Facebook Messenger ads

It has long been testing Facebook Messenger ads. Users in Australia and Thailand have since early this year banners and sponsored posts dished on their home screen. Those tests are successful, as the company plans to expand the advertising of other countries. Before the end of this year, the advertising world visible, so has Stan Chudnovsky, the head of Messenger confirmed to VentureBeat.

For now, the ads only appear on your home screen, and not in chat sessions themselves. The advertisement is displayed in your contact list. Among a list of your three or four favourite contacts will soon be a small block for a sponsored contribution. Resembling in appearance much like other Facebook advertising, 

facebook messenger ads

With a big picture and a button that entices you to the store or website. Advertising with sound or video is not yet planned.

Chudnovsky sees the commercials in the near future as the main business model for Messenger. Although Facebook is also experimenting with in-app purchases for stickers and companies offering chat bots, most of the money will soon have to come from advertising. Facebook Messenger has over 1 billion active users worldwide and is, after WhatsApp, the popular chat app of the moment.

Facebook Messenger for Android

You can download Facebook Messenger via the link to the Play Store. When the ads appear in the US is still unknown.