Duolingo App Plus

Duolingo App Plus makes language app (paid) offline

The paid version of the app called Duolingo Plus and costs $ 10 per month. Plus is currently only available for Android users of Duolingo app, and will be gradually rolled out to everyone. Users of the iOS version Plus get ‘soon’.

Duolingo PlusThe fixed monthly fee you get an ad-free version of Duolingo. Plus you get access to an online version of the app. You can download lessons at any time to use them on time without the internet. Want your way to your vacation address still to practice the local language in the plane, you can do so with Duolingo Plus.

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For existing users, nothing changes: they can continue to use the app as before, albeit with commercials. A spokesman for Duolingo announced that remain for the classes in the app. Paid users should make it possible, says Duolingo CEO Luis von Ahn. “Subscriptions ensure that we can offer free language education to millions of people worldwide,” he tells.

The app developers experimenting for some time with different revenue models. Besides the recently surfaced commercials, there are variants of Duolingo for businesses which must be paid. There are several in-app purchases.