Download Android Multi Tools For windows

Android Multi Tools is one of the best programs for Factory Reset Tablet Phone and Chinese devices for its features that make it an important program in repairing problems for the Android hardware

Android Multi Tools is the solution to fix some of the problems experienced by Android owners when you forget the password without losing the user’s personal data

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When you lose your password, you won’t be able to access your data on the phone, which will require you to either install ROM or Factory Reset by recovery mode. This means the loss of data such as images and your personal files, to this in this topic I will explain the way of bypassing the password without having to delete Data mode and Flash ROM

The advantages of this program are to reset the factory for Android phones without installing the custom recovery TWRP and Hard Reset your Android Phone and tablet in few moment, anyone can use the android multi tools software, Through this program, you can Reset your Gmail account.

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How To Use Android Multi Tools v1.02b

You must download Android SDK

Go here to download the SDK

Download Android Multi Tools


  • You must have a Debugging USB property already activated on your Device

install official firmware

  • connect your android mobile to your computer via USB Original
  • open the downloaded folder Android Multi Tools v1.02b

Android Multi Tools

  • Open the Android Multi Tools v1.02b.exe and start the installation process

Android Multi Tools v1.02

  • I’ll show you a couple of options.

Download android tools

  • number 2 for Reset Face, number 3 and 4 for Reset Face and Gmail
  • number 5 for Reset Data (Wipe all your data on your mobile)
  • number 8 for Fast boot mode (Wipe all your data on your android mobile

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ADB, Fastboot, and Drivers

 install ADB, Fastboot, and Google USB driver in 15 seconds!!

ADB Fastboot and Drivers

Install process :

1.First, Run it (Require administrator privileges)
2.Then, Press Y/Yes to install ADB and Fastboot or N/No to skip this step
3.Press Y/Yes to install ADB system-wide or N/No for current user only
4.After that, Press Y/Yes to install Drivers or N/No to skip this step
4.Continue Driver installation
5.Wait for a while – finished!

If you have older Google USB Driver installed on your computer or laptop, please uninstall it from Control Panel before installing the new one.And if you have previously installed it as system-wide and now you want it, current user, only, it won’t remove it, you must do it yourself.

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