iOS 10.3.3

Users can now experience iOS 11 after Apple released its first official public version a few weeks ago. However, many iphone users have noticed the problems found in iphone iOS 11 update, so some iphone users have resorted to looking for a return from iOS from 11 to IOS 10.3.3 and today through this topic we offer you how to refer to the old version of iphone.

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Notice: If you do not have a problem with data loss, do a clean restor over iTunes on version 10.3.3 This is the best way to avoid many errors, but if you need your private data and do not want to delete, follow the subject

How to get back from iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.3 without losing data

This is an easy way where you won’t need to retrieve the backup after you install the system but I don’t mind backing up before you start the process you might need it if there’s any error going back to the old system

  1. Make a backup copy
  2. Download your device from here
  3. Connect your device to your computer with your computer via the charging cable. Open iTunes on your computer
  4. Press the software update with the press of the shift
  5. Click on update program with Shift-click in Windows or Option in Mac and press check for update at the same time on itunes
  6. Select the ipsw file you downloaded earlier from the file browser. And click Open to start the process of restoring the new ios 11 update to ios 10.3.3

ITunes will return your system to the old system without loss of data. This method will update to the old version, so it will not lose application, Settings or other data. It will take about 30 seconds. do not disconnect the iPhone from the computer until the end cancel the update process.

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