Discover the Top 5 Best Soccer Games on Android 2017

Thanks to the evolution of the technical performance of our smartphones and tablets, the games of soccer on Android no longer have to be ashamed towards the titles proposed on the consoles of living room such as the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4. to fully appreciate a virtual match against the computer or against an online opponent. For all lovers of the ball, discover the Top 5 Best Soccer games on Android, the foot games are refined to offer simulations always more complete and realistic. The smartphones are not outdone, and one finds on the Android Play Store excellent football games. Here is our selection of the 5 best.

Here is our selection of the Top 5 Best Soccer Games on Android.

1-FIFA Mobile Football
Launched in 2016, FIFA Mobile is a smartphone adaptation of FIFA’s famous official football game franchise. Adapted from FIFA 2017, the title is entirely thought for a use on the smartphone. The gameplay is both fun and technical, and the graphics are at the height of the best mobile games. Players can choose their team from more than 30 different leagues, and many game modes are offered.

fifa 17 mobile - Top 5 Best Soccer Games on Android 2017

In particular, there is an attack mode, in which the players each play their turn and play only the offensive part. In multiplayer, players can unite to form leagues and face other opponents. There are also mini-games of shooting at goal, dribbling or goalkeeping. The game also offers live events, inspired by the most prestigious competitions of the real world.

2-FIFA 16 Ultimate Team
In FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, the player aims to create the best team in the world. To do so, he can choose from more than 10,000 players from 500 licensed teams. It is possible to personalize the name of the team, the appearances of players, but also to engage in acquisitions, exchanges, and transfers of players. To succeed in creating the ultimate team, you will have to spend many hours.

fifa 16 ultimate team

The player can then compete against other players in the biggest stadiums of the world. The new graphics engine of the game improves the animations, makes the controls more adapted to the mobile, and proposes an artificial intelligence more powerful. This new engine also allows players to customize their celebrations in case of a goal. To take full advantage of this technical aspect, you will have to have a powerful smartphone

Best Soccer Games For Android You Should Start Playing

3-Score! Hero
In Score! Hero, the player does not control a complete team but embodies a young professional footballer in search of glory. To become one of the world’s greatest stars, the character will have to finish over 200 levels, each offering a challenge.

score! Hero 5 - Top 5 Best Soccer Games on Android 2017

There is also an online multiplayer mode and a world ranking system. The graphics are impressive, and the game enjoys a 4.7 / 5 rating on the Play Store.

4-Top Eleven 2017
Top Eleven 2017 is for players who prefer the strategic aspect of football to the sporting aspect. Play as a manager and develop your dream team. You can choose from over 5000 existing players with skills and attributes similar to their real-world equivalents. Player purchase and transfer prices are also inspired by the real world, which means that the best players in the world cost a real fortune.

top eleven 2017 - Top 5 Best Soccer Games on Android 2017

Therefore, the player will have to spend a lot of time hoping to acquire them in order to strengthen his dream team. This game owes its popularity to the promotion that made the manager of legend Jose Mourinho. The matches are completely simulated, and victory depends on the skills of the player’s manager.

5-Dream League Soccer
In Dream League Soccer, the player serves as manager of his Dream FC team but also controls the players in real time during matches. The gameplay is similar to FIFA’s career mode but without player contracts and club transfers.

dream league soccer 2017 - Top 5 Best Soccer Games on Android 2017

Player prices are based on the level of each player. It is possible to raise money by winning matches, achieving successes, or by watching commercials.


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