How to Disable Volume Button Controls on iPhone X

When you press the volume buttons on the iPhone, the volume of the phone ring is also changed, which may be inappropriate for those who want to make the buttons special for controlling music or other media only. So in this tutorial, we will explain the procedure to Disable Volume Button Controls on iPhone X.

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How Do I Disable Volume Button Controls on iPhone X

Fortunately, iOS can separate these buttons from the volume of your phone’s ringing easily with just the settings.

1- Go to the device settings and select Sounds:

How to prevent the volume buttons controlling the ringing level in iPhone X

2- It Shows us the following screen:

How to Control the Volume in iOS 11

3- We see that the Change with Buttons option is enabled, which means that the buttons control the ring volume of the phone:

Prevent Volume Buttons from Changing the Ringer & Alert Levels on iPhone

4- We disable this option:

How to Disable Volume Button Controls on iPhone

5- From now on, the buttons will control the volume of music and other media only:

6- To change the ring volume, go to Device Settings and Sounds, and then choose the level you want:

For what it’s worth, the iPad and iPod touch offers the same setting in iOS, but because those devices aren’t regularly used as primary contact devices, it’s a bit less useful on them when compared to iPhone. That’s all there is Disable Volume Button Controls on iPhone X! Now, on using the side volume buttons only the music volume will be affected and ringer volume will be locked at the level set in Settings.

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