How to Disable iOS Update on iPhone or iPad

For many reasons, an iPhone or an iPad user may not want to make the latest updates from Apple. To keep his jailbreak, to avoid having a slower device or to not change his habits, the motives are multiple.Have you ever tried to download a new iOS update and were surprised by other users that this version has more problems than its predecessor? Maybe you tried to disable iOS update and you failed to stop it or cancel it. If you have found yourself in this position, this article is for you. You can disable ios update on your iPhone or iPad in fact as long as it is not done completely.

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How To Avoid & Disable IOS Update Request

To cancel a current download for a modern iOS system, you should apply these steps quickly before the update is complete because if completed, the installation will be non-stop.

1. Make sure that the update is still loading and not yet finished, go to Settings → General → Update and confirm programs.

Disable ios update

2. You should see the latest version of iOS being loaded if it is or is complete and waiting for you to install it. Complete the explanation to see how you can disable it.

turn off ios update

3. If it is loading, quickly press the HOME button to go to the main screen and then open Settings → General → Storage and iCloud Usage → Storage Manager.

switch off ios update

4. Look for the update file which has an icon similar to the settings icon and carries the name of the latest system of iOS.

5. Open it and then click on “Delete Update”

delete ios update


How to Fix Wifi Not Working After iOS Update


wifi not working on iphone

Is your iPhone no longer allowed to join Wi-Fi network after ios update? There are some initial steps to try to resolve this issue by resetting your phone and resetting your wireless router (even if there are other devices connected properly) or forcing the device to forget and re-join the Wi-Fi network.

You can also try resetting the network settings through the device by gold to “Settings” and then “General” and then “Reset” and then “Reset Network Settings”. This fix does not affect anything on the phone, and if all attempts fail, users can go back to a previous version of iOS or wait for Apple to issue a solution.


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