How to Disable Face ID on iPhone X from lock screen in iOS 11

Face ID is arguably the most advantageous feature of iPhone X. This feature makes Apple more efficient and secure than the Touch ID. However, there are cases where you may have to temporarily disable Face ID on iPhone X.

With fingerprint removal, the TrueDepth camera system was introduced and Apple introduced Face Recognition, the new security feature. It will replace the fingerprint in iPhone. Apple says that Face ID is more secure than the fingerprint. However, some users find it inconvenient using this technology and want to continue using the PIN code system. Here’s how to disable the Face ID security feature.

How to Disable Face ID on iPhone X from lock screen in iOS 11

There are two ways you can use to disable Face ID quickly from the lock screen.

Disable Face IDPower button

How to Disable Face ID on iPhone X from lock screen in iOS 11

If you press the power button five times sequentially, it will disable both Face ID and Touch ID. To enable them again, you need to enter your passcode.

Face ID is currently on the iPhone X, and fortunately, the power button on this new phone is bigger than the previous iPhone

There is a faster way to disable Face ID than the lock screen in iOS 11. If you press the Volume Down button and Power button at the same time, Face ID will be disabled. Be careful not to press the Volume Up button and Power button, because this way you will take a picture of the screen on your iPhone X.

How to Completely Disable Your Face ID on iPhone X

1. First, go to Settings app on your iPhone.

2. After that, tap on Face ID & Passcode.

3. Afterwards, you need to tap on Use Face ID.

4. Then, disable iPhone Unlock.



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