Disable auto-playback videos in search results google

Google now allows auto-playback videos in search results on Android smartphone. These Google video reviews, though, are completely silent and completely disabled.

How to Disable auto-playback videos in search results google

The most controversial adaptation for apps with media is that that automatically plays media. For example, think of auto-playing videos in your Facebook feed, which the company has received a lot of criticism about. However, we do not know better now. Google is the next to watch this jump. In the usually minimal search results of Google Search, videos on Android now show an automatic preview.

Google rolls this feature from today. The update means that if you search for the Google app on Android or search through Chrome on Android, get auto-playback videos in search results. These previews play without sound.

Disable auto-playback videos in search results google

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An advantage is that the previews only play if you are looking for a Wi-Fi connection, but you can also set that previews always play. Of course, that requires some data connection. The idea behind this update is that you get a better idea of what the content of a video is before previewing previews. The result, however, is that Google’s search results suddenly become a lot more crowded. The Google search page is renowned for its minimalist character and these crowded previews ruin it a bit.

As soon as the update rolls out to you, it is, fortunately, possible to turn off the video reviews. To do this, go to the Google app settings menu if this is the place you’re looking for. Or you dive into Chrome’s settings when you search through the browser.



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