MediaTek processors

In this article we present some differences between MediaTek processors and Qualcomm processors known as Snapdragon.

In the past years there has been a very large spread of smartphones that every year show several good phones, and also become processors of these phones grow very heavily where companies have become competing to manufacture these processors, and the largest of these companies are Qualcomm and Mediatek company

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Mediatek a Taiwanese company and is considered a relatively new company in the manufacture of smart phone processors, the company is interested in producing many processors at cheap prices and its processors are used extensively in China-made telephones and used by companies such as Huawei and Micromax.

Qualcomm, with its processors known as Dragon, provides best-quality processors and offers the best performance, so the prices of phones using Snapdragon processors are more expensive than their counterparts in Mediatek Taiwanese company.

What are the differences between MediaTek processors and Snapdragon Qualcomm processors?

  • The Taiwan company’s mediatek processors contain lsupport with a 64-bit structural system that is not available in the snapdragon processors from Qualcomm.
  • Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors are suffering from frequent high temperatures, and also consuming large battery consumption on the contrary the Taiwan company’s mediatek treatments.
  • Mediatek processors outperform the Qualcomm processors in graphics and game processing units.
  • Mediatek processors enable you to record high-quality video clips Very easily
  • Qualcomm processors live a lot longer than mediatek processors
  • Qualcomm processors is the best in terms of technology, quality and speed

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