How to Delete Facebook Search History

Facebook provides a search box for quick access to what you are looking for, whether friends or searching the web in general. If you do not have a result of what you are looking for, Facebook keeps a full record of all your searches so you can refer to it from time to time, You may sometimes have to delete this search history for some reason either to get rid of old results or to keep your search activities from falling into the hands of other people. If your account is hacked, for example, or left on a machine, here We’ll show you how to delete Facebook search history in minutes Night you can get rid of the old record search in full.

How Do I Delete Facebook Search History 

1. First, go to the search bar and click on it with the mouse and choose Edit

How to Delete Facebook Search History


2. You will get all the searches you have done through your account and you can delete any search by clicking the button shown in the image and choosing Deletei cant delete my facebook search history

3. The following message will then appear to confirm the operation, pressing Remove

delete facebook search history 2017

4.You can delete all searches in your account entirely by clicking Clear Searches

This option will scan all operations permanently without the ability to retrieve them Pay attention

delete facebook search history on iphone

5.When you have selected, press Clear Searches from the message in front of you

delete facebook search history ios


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