Top Dashcam apps android 2017

Best Dashcam Apps for Android

Actually, your smartphone in the same house as the average dashcam. This makes it much easier to replace the car camera through your mobile dashcam apps. This is not only cheaper, it also has practical advantages. For example, you can save a lot easier online video from your smartphone and share. Yet there are some things to keep in mind before you get started with these apps.

Top dashcam apps android

First, make sure you buy a sturdy holder for your smartphone. In an accident, your phone should not suddenly because you have not committed. Preferably choose a place with a fan or other cooling around. Your smartphone while filming and the sun soon pretty hot. Read our tips for preventing an overheated smartphone. Make finally a car charger, so your Android battery is not empty at a crucial moment.

After you’ve downloaded an app below, it is wise to test him properly the first time. Take a video during a test drive, and see if the road and traffic well appear. Want to adjust things in the app or your smartphone, do so while driving. Also, make sure your smartphone is not a distracting position in your field is. Before you know it causes problems dashcam namely, instead of them capture with your smartphone.

1-CamOnRoad dashcam

Your third option is CamOnRoad. This app lets you specify how much space should be used exactly. Do you want to prevent your whole memory is sufficient plots with videos, it’s very handy.

You also get 2GB of free storage space on the servers of the developers. That, according to the makers should be enough for three hours of video. The app is free and ad-free, though you have to pay more storage in the cloud.

camonroad dashcam app

2-Daily Roads Voyager dashcam

Also, Roads Daily Voyager is popular. This app works in the background, so you can have your navigation example in the picture while the app meanwhile captures the image on the road. There has recently even support remote cameras.

Join via the USB port to another camera to your smartphone, you can also shoot you. Another advantage is that Daily Roads is completely free. The advertisements in the app can be removed for a small fee.

dailyroads dashcam app

3-AutoGuard Dashcam

In the Play Store are several dashcam apps, all of which just offer different functionality. One of our favorites is Autoguard Dash Cam, an Android app for free and try in the US. Keep in mind that only the paid Pro version in the background can film and is free of ads. With 2.39 euros the app, however, much cheaper than the average dashcam system located in the store.

The apps of course just use the camera of your smartphone. For some, like Autoguard Dash Cam, you have the choice of several image quality options. You can also track your speed, GPS location and automatically delete old images if you hit full gear. Images can also be uploaded to YouTube and easy sharing via email.

 autoguard dashcam app