How to Create a free Account Paypal

In this tutorial you will learn all Steps, one to one, to create a Free account PAYPAL. Practically it is not necessary to use it because of the guide of the page step by step.

Paypal is the most famous virtual money page in the world. As a location, it equals a dineromail account, PayPal or similar, but at a GLOBAL level.
The account is FREE, does not require that we register credit cards or similar products, but that this allows it if the customer so wishes.

How to create Free account PAYPAL?

1 – The first step is to go to the next page registration data 


3 – We will ask the country to which we belong and the type of account to create. In this case, we choose “Personal” which is the FREE account. Do not choose the Prime Minister or the companies because they are for commercial use and are PAYMENT.

4 – In the next step, we will complete with your data (full name, address…..).

5 – In the registration data, we will ask for an Email and a password that we invented. A lot of attention! If you have several mailboxes, choose the one you consider more professional and less spam, as this will be your lifetime account.

6 – We accept that we accept the terms and conditions (you can read it if you wish, but in my life, I read more than 3 lines of something like this) and we accept everything.

7 – The site will inform us that “sending” a confirmation email to our newly registered email

8 -We enter our e-mail of all the life, where we will find a mail of Paypal with a link (a URL, or simply “a place to click”). We click and confirm that our email is REAL.

9 – We will return to our PayPal page, only this time, instead of registering us, we will enter your e-mail and password to enter your account.


Free account PAYPAL

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10 – Ready! We already have our free account PayPal to receive money and make purchases. In case you also want to send money to your bank account, you must enter the profile of your account and upload the data from your international account.
Do not panic! If you do not have a card, this step is enough!


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