Chrome has in recent months of several features. There appeared an extensive offline mode, which you can easily save articles and websites to read them back at a later time, Chrome 59 update, which is available in the Play Store. offers at first glance no major improvements. In the background, there are however put great strides.

Chrome 59 is the first to use an updated JavaScript engine. The related optimizations ensure that the browser virtually all websites to about 20 percent loads faster. The memory usage too, which is good news for low-cost smartphones with relatively little memory.

chrome 59 update

In addition, the update adds support for animated PNG images, an alternative to prison files. Png’s usually offer a slightly higher image quality. Finally, Google says several improvements have been made to the stability and security of Chrome.

Google rolls out Chrome 59 update gradually from the Play Store. You will automatically receive a notification when the update is available for you, or you can check manually through the link below. Chrome is by default on almost any Android smartphone.