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How to check the IMEI number of your phone

How to Check the IMEI number

Your IMEI number you rarely need, so that you’re not familiar with it is quite understandable. Nevertheless, it can sometimes be useful, such as theft or insurance. This is how you can find the IMEI number.

The IMEI number is used to identify your phone. The 15-digit code is unique and is associated with a specific device through a service provider or manufacturer. On the basis of the IMEI number may be a service provider, for example, blocking the device, rendering it unusable. You also have the number sometimes required for insurance and may be asked to give your IMEI by theft by the police.

This is handy this number to write something, should you need it and can not check your phone. Have you managed to find only a while that number? Sometimes it is already on the packaging of your device, and it is so found. If, however, is not on, or if you lost the package, however, there are other ways.

Requesting your IMEI number on your smartphone is fortunately quite easy. Lie on your smartphone to the ‘Telephone’- or Call-app and dial * # 06 #. It then opens a small window where the code can be read off. Does not work, you can find it also in your settings. You go into the settings to “About phone,” then to “Status” and finally “IMEI information.

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How the IMEI number protects phone

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is similar to, for example, the serial number on a car or any other electronic product. You’re the only one who has a product with this number, making it recognizable and unique. The song does not change even if you are away in a different SIM card is already there (illegal) software IMEI sometimes overrides.

The code makes your smartphone very easily identifiable if someone steals the phone and trying to resell. It is wise to write down your IMEI number. In a case of theft, you can pass it on to the police, who put this song on a blacklist. Often they even, in cooperation with the provider, sending a text message to the IMEI number. The “new owner” of your smartphone replace the SIM card, so he can still be made through this message to inform you that the device is stolen.

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