How to charge iPhone 8 and listen to headphones

Apple canceled the 3.5mm headphone jack, one of the most important changes to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Apple said on stage that its move was “brave” but did not provide a solution for those users who want to listen to music while charging the iPhone 8 at the same time, regardless of the positives, This change is a new problem for iPhone users. The problem is that you can charge the phone and use the speakers at the same time, although we do not recommend to charge iPhone 8 and listen to headphones because it affects the battery, dont worry we will provide the solution.

How can I charge iPhone 8 and listen to headphones At The Same Time

Solution 1: Convert your headphones to wireless headphones

How to charge iPhone 8 and listen to music

Turn your wired headphones into wireless headphones through a speaker that connects the speakers and is connected to the phone via the Bluetooth.

The tuner also has its own controls and a microphone for making calls or using Siri.

The price of this piece is $ 20 and can be obtained Griffin iTrip Clip

Solution 2: Use the ADAPTER for lightning ports

Listening to music and charging your iPhone 8

The only option available in place of Bluetooth headsets is the “Lightning Dock” charging base provided by Apple at its store for $ 50 and will allow the user to listen to music and charge the phone at the same time through the ports at the base.

Solution 3: Using AirPods Headphones

How to charge your iPhone 8 and listen to headphones at the same time

If you can afford these $ 159 headsets.Wireless headphones which mean you will not need a lightning port and therefore will leave it to the charger only.

Buy headphones from Apple’s official website Buy AirPods

Solution 4: Use the external iPhone headset

Use the external iPhone 8 headset

Yes, do not be surprised it is wonderful! Apple has put stereo speakers, which will give you a unique experience with the iPhone 8 \ 8 Plus in terms of high quality and clarity.


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