How to Change Default Browser on Mac

Change default browser on Mac, Although Apple’s Safari browser is one of the most powerful browsers in the world and competes strongly with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, the default search engine in Safari on Mac is Google Maybe appropriate for most users but others may prefer other engines for some reason.

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How Do I Change Default Browser on Mac

1 – Go to the system settings by clicking on safari and from the menu select Preference.

How to Change Default Browser in Mac

2 – it Shows us the next window, Then, choose the search

How to Change the Default Browser in OS 11

3-Next Step

Change the Default Web Browser in Mac OS X

4. Afterwards, In front of Search Engine, we click on Google to show us the following options

5 – Select DuckDuckGo Browser

Change the Default Web Browser in Mac OS X


This is all simple steps to show you how to switch the default browser for the Mac and anytime you enter the link and open it will open the page on DuckDuckGo instead of Safari.


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