How to Cancel Sending an Email on Gmail

Your email is sent and you have just realized that you have made a huge mistake, or that your attachment is missing? With Gmail, you have the option to cancel an email sent, if however, you have configured your account for this before. We explain how to cancel sending an email on Gmail.

While instant chat apps have become legion on our phones, the classic email continues to be used extensively, especially on business conversations or administrative exchanges. Of course, bad reflexes of our instant conversations can trap us …

Between the propensity to quickly support “send” or the simple fact of forgetting important elements such as attachments, we happen many times daily to wish that it is possible to cancel the sending of an email. But these little things go so fast … Fortunately, Gmail thinks of you and allows you to activate a very practical option for the most head-in-the-air.

Cancel sending an Email on Gmail by activating an option

Obviously, sending an email is normally almost instantaneous, making it almost impossible to cancel it once the “Send” button is pressed. However, an option allows you to add a small beat between this support and the actual send, allowing you to tilter on your mistakes and have time to catch them before this gif that had nothing to do with a mail addressed to your boss is not sent well.

1.Go to the Gmail site and sign in to your Account
2.In the top right, click on the wheel
3.Click on “Settings” Go to the “Cancel sending” category
4.Check “Enable Cancel Shipment”
5.Set the waiting time before your mail leaves (5/10/20/30 seconds)
6.Click on “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page

When this setting is enabled, sending any mail is delayed by the number of seconds you have set. Thus, this added latency allows you to cancel sending an email. In our example above, it is obviously an email for which the attachment is missing. When sending, you will have this classic notification:

how to cancel sending an email on Gmail

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Except that the “Cancel” option is now present. If you click on it during the time defined previously, the sending will be completely canceled and the mail will be reopened in edition mode, allowing you to make the retouches you have come to mind a little too late!



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