Call Blocker: How to Block any number on Android phone & iPhone

Many phone users suffer from spam and unwanted phone calls and do not know how to block them. We will explain how to do a call blocker to any number and prevent it from calling you without applications, only through the default settings in your phone. His number is on the wait whistle which means that he will not know that you have blocked him but he will get a whistle telling him that the number is busy.

To get a Call blocker to any number on your Android phone, Please follow these steps:

1- First, go to Phone icon.

How to Block a Number in Android without apps

2- Next, the screen shows us the contacts, then select the contact which you want to block.

How to Block Incoming Calls or Outgoing Caller ID android

3- Click to Details.

How to block a phone number on your Android phone

4-After that, click on the option as the photo below.

How to do call blocker on android

5-Next step tap to Block number.

How to block number on iphone

6-Finally to confirm the process choose OK.

How to Get a Call blocker on iPhone Phones


The phone manufacturers and their systems provide all the needs of the user needs of convenience, of course, Apple is one of the best mobile companies when it added the call blocker feature, so please follow these steps below to prevent incoming call without applications.

1- Firstly, Click on the Settings icon.
2- Then, Enter to the Messages page.
3- Next step, Open the Message Settings and press Block.
4-A list of registered names will be available on your mobile
5- Finally, Select the name you want to block and click on it.

Free Apps to get a Call Blocker for Android & iPhone

You can Also use some free applications existing on Playstore and iOS to block any number and these top 3 can help you:


Download Truecaller For Android

Millions of users trust Truecaller for their communications, whether it’s identifying unwanted calls or blocking intrusive SMS. The app filters out unwanted calls or messages and lets you communicate with those who matter.


2-Call Control

Download call control iphone

Blacklist and block thousands of call bots and spam callers instantly. Reverse phone search for millions of numbers, even spam callers.

4-Sync.ME Caller ID & Block 

Sync.ME Caller ID & Block free

Sync.ME identifies unknown phone calls, notifies you of annoying spam calls, and adds a photo of the caller in your contacts from Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.



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