btcclicks The Best Website To Earn Free Bitcoin fast

In this Article, we will explain a great and honest site to Earn Bitcoin from the website Btcclicks, the site has been established since 2013 and has a wonderful reputation with both its handling, and its many advantages that give you the right to double your earnings

It is possible to profit through the website by pressing advertisements and earning the Satoshi

Explain how the profit from the site bitcoin btcclicks

Sign up for the Btcclicks site, Link website: Click Here

You will see two boxes, the Advertise now is to start an ad campaign for your site, we’re not going to use it.

Click on the start earning today

Fill in the box with your personal information for your email and you should check it out, through the link that comes to the email you entered, and then you’ll go directly to your Control Panel page.

Press the Box surf ads, You should click on every ad, wait until the time is 10 to 60 seconds, and you press the Captcha. The profit is calculated in the yellow box at the top of the list on the right.

You must refresh the page every hour to find new ads.

In this box WithDraw, you can put your wallet’s address to bitcoin, that you don’t know what a bitcoin wallet you can see on this topic to explain the creation of the Bitcoin portfolio. The Best site to Earn Bitcoin and the limit for payment is 10000 Satoshi which is 0.000010000 bitcoin.

In this referrals list, you either pay for the referrals in the bitcoin that you have collected from Surf Ads where you can ask for more referral to invite you. Or you can use your calling link and let your friends get under you.

In this box, Premium Membership, will pay a lot to earn more which you can participate in membership that doubles your earnings daily.

In this list, History of all operations that you have registered in this list.


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