Boost smartphone battery

Boost your smartphone’s battery in 2 seconds!

Empty the cache of your smartphone to boost its autonomy!

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This trick makes it possible to return the energy consumption of the device to a normal level when it becomes excessive and it was Precisely the case with their smartphone that was losing about 15% of battery every hour. The device’s consumption was 2 to 3 times higher than its initial level.

After examination, they were able to identify which application consumed the most battery. It was AnTuTu that they quickly uninstalled.

Unfortunately, the phone was still consuming so much battery after uninstalling, so they took the initiative to empty the cache of the phone and there, miracle, the battery consumption immediately relapsed to its original level: 5% per hour!

How to clear a smartphone cache:

Empty the cache of an Android smartphone is a real breeze. Simply :

Go to Settings> Device> Storage
Select the internal memory and click on “Cached data”
Confirm that the cache is cleared by clicking OK
Empty the cache android.

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This trick is aimed primarily at users encountering a problem of autonomy that they can not solve even by removing the offending application. Also, note that clearing the cache has other advantages. It notably allows to optimize the storage capacity and can also solve some bugs without needing to reset the factory settings, a long and binding procedure.




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