Many manufacturers are launching new models of smartphones. Many of these phones have been produced especially after Chinese companies enter the market. But yet most of the leading companies have a specific date in unlocking new phones.

There are many companies that announce their phones and that deserve attention, and in this Post, we will review with you 3 powerful phones

Apple iPhone x

Apple announced its new iPhone phone, which is the first phone from Apple to come with an Oled, which has a different design than the rest of the company’s phones and supports the water and dust resistance feature by evaluating IP67. It is also the first Apple phone to support wireless shipping. Apple also replaced the Home button as well as the fingerprint feature and compensated it with facial recognition technology.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung is a company of Apple competitors. Samsung announces many smartphones all year long, but among the most prominent handsets are always phones from the family of Galaxy S and Note, The company announced that its new Galaxy Note 8 will come with a Super AMOLED measuring 6.3 inches plus an eight-core Dragon processor 835 for the United States market and ex8895 for the version of the rest of the world markets

Google pixel 2

The handset comes with the latest Android version 8.0 Oreo Oreo with ensuring that your phone is automatically updated when Google releases new systems for years to come. The camera is the most powerful phone on the camera side, where I got a 98 out of 100 ratings in the “DxOMark” With the ability to optimize images during motion using OIS technology

4GB RAM with 64/128 GB internal storage memory. The design is superb and stylish where the entire chassis is made of metal along with a glass part of the upper back of the phone.