The best games in App Store for iPhone and iPad

After the release of the new iPhone phones, some games have been introduced to suit the newest Apple devices. Here’s a list of the most striking highlights of the recently launched games in App Store specifically for the iPhone X phone.


It is a great puzzle game that requires you to send lives to their homelands, which make unique artistic moves.

Battle Knife: Online PvP

From the very distinctive iPhone games can be played with your friends, as the player will throw the knife, and on the other side run quickly to protect himself from the blow that can make him lose.

The Talos Principle

The Talos Principle

This wonderful game suits the lovers of phone games that are made up of multiple levels, they have several levels, in addition to giving users the ability to choose between over-the-game mode, featuring excitement and adventure.


This wonderful game takes you to discover another world called Elvenar, build your own city and defend it, and during the game, the player will discover many important treasures.

Sky Gamblers

This game is a fight by warplanes. Featuring superb 3d, different gameplay styles, and combat style are close to reality when confronting enemy planes, etc.

Legend of Brave

This game is a sophisticated phone game designed, as it comes with high-resolution 3d graphics, plus entertaining details that help you get into a whole world

Art of War: Red Tides

It is a game of battles taking place in a wide range on the Internet. The game supports up to 200 versus 200 soldiers on the battlefield with a live display system per unit. It is one of the coolest games

Into the Dead 2

One of the coolest games in App Store, the vivid colours and graphics of the game make you feel like you are in a real world. The game is characterized by various combat tactics as well as many new weapons that differ from the previous version

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