Best Free Weather App for Android

The weather app is one of the most important information to be known to all, especially road travellers, to determine the best travel schedule based on today’s weather information or tomorrow or the day of travel due to what travellers may face the dangers of calami and severe winds that may occur in autumn and winter.

Knowledge of weather and meteorology is hardly important, knowing weather conditions is very important.
Today, in this topic, we will be acquainted with the best credible applications that can be made to recognize weather and atmosphere, and anywhere in the world.

Google Now Application

Google Now

Google Now is an affiliate of the Jugol giant, as this application is considered among the strongest applications, available on the Google Play Store to know the weather, and all the weather and meteorology.

Google Now is usually in the Android system, since there is no need to download it from the store and install it on the Android device again.

1weather Application


The 1weather application offers many daily and weekly weather forecasts and even through hours during the day. It offers direct radar service so that it can access the weather at any time and anywhere and also provides alerts in case of bad weather, and the application also comes with a sleek and elegant design as It’s very easy to use.

AccuWeather Application


A great application of the oldest applications on the Google Store, which has many powerful ratings, comes with direct radar features, alerts, and many other features.

Application Transparent clock & weather

Transparent clock & weather

The application of transparent clock &weather is one of the best and strongest weather-recognition applications, meteorology, over a wide range of information and data assistance

Application WeatherBug


This app is one of the oldest and best weather app and follow-up on the Google Store, it offers a wide range of features and alerts for weather forecasts, various alerts, and the best application in the app is completely free, although it offers a lot of features you might find in applying At which you need to pay.

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