The Best Apps on IOS for weight loss

There are many special applications that help weight loss, wake up meal time, and calculate calories that have been lost.

In this article, we will review the most important applications that you can easily use and download on the IOS system.

1- App Lose It – Calorie Counter

Lose It is one of the most important applications to be downloaded to smartphones that support Android and IOS systems. contributes significantly to weight loss without having to follow a harsh diet or exercise any sporting activity, Enter your height, weight, age, and weight you want to reach to show you how many calories you are required to dispose of.

2- App MyFitnessPal

This app contains more than a million and a half healthy food recipe, all easy and simple, and prepared faster. It also works to track your sports system and your food alike, In addition to the many exercises that contribute to the loss of excess weight, it also provides a lot of information about the rate of calories earned

3- App Argus

This application is suitable for people who aspire to improve their healthfully.

4- App BodyLite

A great application to help you reach your goal in weight loss. Has a string use interface

5- App Neutrino

This application is designed to work in compliance with other applications and devices to keep track of your sporting activity and adjust its dietary advice accordingly. Just like your doctor.

6- App Diet Hero

This application is designed to encourage you to prepare new meals using the components that you already have. You will have to enter your goals regarding your weight, as well as your preferences for food. You’ll also have to notify the application what’s in your fridge. Then Diet Hero will plan your meals in accordance with your goals and the ingredients you have available.


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