Android Cleaner Apps 2017

Best Android Cleaner Apps 2017

Many Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 & LG G6 have software built in storage where you can clean it. The options are often in the Settings app, but not all manufacturers offer this possibility. Especially smartphones with a standard version of Android are not air cleaning functions.

You can completely remove the app list in separate apps clear the cache or app. If you must do to apps for a long list, which takes a lot of time. With these apps, you tasks much faster execution or even automated.

1. SD Maid                  

sd maid                       

Android cleaning SD Maid is an app that runs on your smartphone as a kind of cleaner. The app runs unwanted files past at various levels, both for temporary files from Android itself as watching your apps. Also, the app databases with data smaller, leading to slightly faster load times.

The Pro version of SD Maid can moreover be freezing unwanted apps, whether removable or not. The Pro version lets you schedule automatic cleanups, so you yourself have no worries anymore.


2. Cleaner AVG

Android Cleaner Apps 2017

Android cleaning AVG Cleaner is an app from the makers of the eponymous antivirus app, which has been around longer for the PC and Mac. What AVG Cleaner apart from some other cleaning applications is that it not only looks at your storage memory but also memory. AVG Cleaner can automatically shut down apps that take up unnecessary memory, freeing up memory for other things about you.

Besides the standard actions, such as deleting browser history and cache data, AVG Cleaner can also save space by looking at your photos. The app automatically displays files that are identical or photos that are underexposed or blurry. You can view course to which files it is before they are removed.


3. CCleaner

cclener 2017

Android cleaning CCleaner is best known for the eponymous software for PC and Mac and has since been a while available for Android. The app simply shows how much storage and memory is in use, and with one touch running the app after what can go. By app cache, browser history files, and other loose building by using erase, you can often already free a lot of space.

CCleaner has a simple interface, even for non-technical people to understand properly. The App Manager displays all your apps, including information about whether they should be cleaned or not. In addition, System Info shows your CPU usage and how your battery is ready for it.