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Battery Problems solve on IOS 11.1 beta 4

The next version of iPhone operating system IOS 11.1 beta 4 could allow iPhone to gain from two to four hours of battery life.
IOS 11.1 beta 4

The latest version of iPhone operating system IOS 11.1 has accumulated bugs and issues of autonomy. The good news is that it seems that the Apple brand has made the necessary to give some juice to the iPhone with version 11.1. Endurance tests of devices with Beta 4 are emerging and the results are encouraging.

iDevicesHelp has tested the autonomy of three different iPhones: iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus and an iPhone 8 Plus – with version 11.0.3 of iOS, then with version 11.1 beta 4, a screen on and chronometer running.

In the first case, the devices died after 4 hours to 4:45 activity. In the second, the iPhone 7 Plus has gained 2h30 of autonomy, the iPhone 6 Plus has held 3 hours more and the iPhone 8 Plus almost 4 hours. Results that the Youtuber has confirmed by doing the complete test again.
IOS 11.1 beta 4

Obviously, the conditions of this test do not correspond to the traditional use of a smartphone, so do not expect such gains in reality. The final version of iOS 11.1 is expected for the release of iPhone X, on 3 November.


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