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Backup Google Drive and Sync


Migrating to a new PC, whether you like an online backup of your important files? Backup Google drive and Sync it becomes a little easier.It allows designing several files present on its machine in order to preserve a backup on the servers of the American company.

Until now Google Drive especially put in the market as the place to store individual files, but with the release of a new tool, Google wants to encourage users to use the service more widely. The company introduces Backup and Sync, which allows you to upload a complete archive of your Windows or Mac computer to Google’s servers. 

The software is currently only available for Windows and MacOS and replaces both Google Drive and Google Photos for both platforms. That software was focused on synchronizing specific folders. So you could let upload files easily and automatically as soon as you changed. That functionality remains but will be expanded with new features. You can now for the first time to easily upload any file type to your Google Drive.

Backup google drive

After Google Drive Backup and Sync opens, select which folders and files you want to backup. Next, the data is automatically uploaded and stored by Google. Drive It does have a serious limitation: the free version of the service only offers 15GB of storage. That is the average back up soon enough. Although there are options for more storage, you have to pay. After uploading the backup, you can easily find these through the new ‘Computers’ field in the Google Drive menu.


Google Drive for Android

Google Drive is standard on finding the most Android smartphones but can be found through the link even in the Play Store. The app is free and works on any recent Android device. Backup and Sync your download via Google’s website.