Backup & Data Restore Android: When you turn on your phone on Android phone for the first time, the system will ask you to sign into your Google Account. Once this is done, the mobile will ask you from which device previously connected to the same account you want to perform the data restore. You will then be asked to select the applications to be synchronized. A second interesting point, some applications also backup and data restore a choice made by the developer when designing its application.

backup and data restore

Depending on your interface, which depends on the manufacturer’s overlay of your device, the names of the menus may vary slightly with regard to the backup and restore. However, we will always stay around Save and reset. Some manufacturers add their own functionality, more or less useful, we will come back to it.

To activate the automatic data backup function, simply go to the settings of your mobile, then “personal” and activate “Save my data” – the labels may differ depending on the mobile. On Samsung devices, for example, you can find a “Backup and reset” category, which allows you to manage the backup of your data by your Google and Samsung accounts.

Once enabled, you will be offered to restore your previously installed applications to your new mobile every time you connect a new device to your Google Account.

You will understand, depending on the type of backup, the way of proceeding is different. Applications, SMS, backups, etc. can be saved. Thanks to applications such as Helium or Titanium.

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