backup iPhone

The Back up for the contents of your device is easy and important. You can make a backup iPhone in two ways the first backup the work on your computer through iTunes and the second work on the backup on the cloud through iCloud It is always advised to back up for the benefit of keeping your files from loss in the event of a problem or malfunction of the device, or in case Lost or replaced.


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How to Backup iPhone with iTunes

1- Connect your iPhone to your computer.

2- A small phone icon will appear at the top left of the screen, click it to go to your device’s menu, and then click Summary.

3- In the Backup section, press the Back Up Now button. It can take up to 30 seconds or more depending on the last time you performed this operation. You can protect your backups with a password by checking the Encrypt iPhone Backup checkbox and then entering the password.

4- You can restore pre-stored backups from your computer to your phone by clicking Restore Backup.

How to Backup iPhone through iCloud

1- Make sure your iPhone is connected via Wi-Fi. This method also requires that you have an Apple ID enabled and sign in using this account on your device.

2- Then go to Setting and Backup.

3- Click Backup and turn on the backup option if it is not. Now press Back Up Now.

The backup will start, depending on how much data you’re copying. The backup will include many data, such as contacts, calendars, notes, photos, videos, bookmarks for Safari, messages, and more.

This was everything and you can now install iOS 11 with any problem and with confidence.


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