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Apple Without Any Qualcomm Chips In Next Year

A new report from the Wall Street Journal shows that Apple will design its iPhone and iPad next year without Qualcomm Chips.

It has been reported that Apple has completely abandoned the Qualcomm chipset in the smart appliances released in 2018, The report shows that Apple is currently verifying the construction equipment with Intel and Mediatic processors only

The two companies are currently engaged in a legal dispute in a number of countries around the world about the terms of the company’s Qualcomm license. Apple will not rely on Intel on its own, but would also resort to MediaTek, so it will use two contact slices as usual since the iPhone 6 almost, to avoid other problems in the future.


For its part, Qualcomm has stated that it provides fully tested chips for Apple for use in iPhone devices. “We are committed to supporting new Apple devices in line with our support for all other customers in the industry,” the US company said in a statement.

The Wall Street Journal was the first to publish the news on Monday, saying that Apple could dispense with Qualcomm chips, as the last year Apple has provided many modem components, which help Apple phones to connect to wireless networks. The Intel has been providing Apple with nearly half of the modem chips you need.

The paper said that the decision to adopt a slice of another company or replace the slides could be done until the end of June, three months before the hardware was detected new, this means that Apple may abandon models that do not use Qualcomm slices if the parties arrive at solutions away from the courts.




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