Apple Launches update IOS 11.1.1

Apple just released IOS 11.1.1 update for iPhone, IPad and iPod touch.

Apple today has released a new update for iPhone and IPad compatible tablet phones with IOS 11.1.1 It should be noted that this update comes almost two weeks after the IOS 11.1 update is released.

the new version of IOS 11.1.1 includes a variety of fixes for a wide range of problems, features enhancements, security enhancements, and other plugins for the mobile operating system, making IOS 11.1 a recommended Update for iPhone and iPad users who use the Former IOS 11.1.1

IOS 11.1.1

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What is the new version of IOS 11.1.1

Apple branded this update as a fix for some problems, including

  • Fix AutoCorrect problem in keyboard
  • Fixed a problem stop going to work
  • The device stopped on the Apple logo

Although the IOS 11.1.1 update did not provide any new features, it is extremely important and users must install it in their Devices

How to upgrade and update to IOS 11.1.1?

Take a backup copy of your device content through the iTunes, or through the cloud, and after you make sure to save a backup you can go to the update, by heading to a general section of the settings, then to the Software Update section.

The final version of IOS 11.1 can be downloaded by:

  1. Access to Settings
  2. Press General
  3. Access Software Update
  4. Press Download and install

I still have Apple updates coming up with the most prominent update in IOS 11.2, and in the coming weeks, it will be officially available.

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