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Apple launches IOS 11.1 Beta 4 update

Apple launched the IOS 11.1 Beta 4 update on Friday, and the company launched the watchOS 4.1 Beta 4 update for its smartwatch Apple Watch, where it has fixed some problems with IOS 11.1 Beta 4 Update Besides, it closed the gap that many sites talked about and where it was broken. Protection of WPA2 which threatens the data of all users on the Internet.

In this version the return tag was updated for the touch 3d Touchscreen, which was added in the second trial version and then was removed from the demo version third, the update also included hundreds of new emoticons along with a wide range of fixes and performance improvements.

The IOS 11.1 Beta 4 focuses on bug fixes and feature enhancements, as well as security updates.

As for the watchOS 4.1 update for Apple Watch, this update has come with radio application and some other changes.

Registered developers in Apple software can download the update through their phone settings and then log in to the general and press the IOS 11.1 software update, all you have to do is download and install the update on your computer, this update is experimental and we do not recommend that you update this version at this time for non-developers to Ordinary users wait until the official update is issued.

In the previous pilot update, IOS 11.1 Beta 3, Apple has repaired the problem of not having access to the notification centre after the reachability Access feature has been activated, and the system has also repaired the newly discovered Wi-Fi network Connection Protection vulnerability.

The reason for the release of many IOS 11.1 versions is that the launch of the iPhone X is approaching, so the device will reach the market with the new system



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