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Apple acquires Powerbyproxi wireless shipping company

In a new report from the Reuters website that Apple acquired the New Zealand company. A specialist in wireless charging called PowerbyProxi for an amount not yet disclosed,

The company was founded in 2007 by the businessman “Fady Mishriki” as a progressive project from the University of Auckland, specializing in the development of small units, compatible with the Qi standard that allows the transmission of wireless power to larger devices such as robots, drones and medical equipment.

According to the report, the two companies did not announce any details, but the media confirmed the news, which will contribute to the adoption of Apple in a form greater for wireless shipping technology in its upcoming devices although it is lagging behind in adopting this technology compared to Samsung‘s competition.


Apple has developed its own vision for a simplified form of shipping that operates with the standard Qi. and are planning to launch a new charging platform, which is scheduled to be released next year, called Airpower which will charge any iPhone that automatically supports glass as well as Apple Watch watches and wireless airport

The New Zealand Company manufactures wireless charging units capable of transporting 100-watt power, suggesting that Apple can integrate wireless shipping technology and transfer it to a larger level to ship devices such as MacBook.

In an official statement from the first Vice-president of the Hardware Engineering department, Dan Riccio said the company Powerbyproxi was a big addition to Apple to create a future wireless cargo in the next hardware.

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