The third Developer Preview Android O delivers improvements for app makers and a bunch of adjustments users. But there is more hidden in this android update. Thus Camera Google Android O gets some minor improvements for added convenience. Specifically, switching between video and photos easier and zoom in with one finger possible.


google camera android O

Now if you want to redeem Google Camera between video and photo, then swipe left or right. This can be confusing for users. Therefore, Google is changing a bit clearer in Android O. If you’re in photo mode, there is the right of the record button a camera icon. Tap it, then the camera switches to video mode. Once you’re in video mode is left of the Record a picture icon, which will take you back to the photo mode. Swipe left or right is also still possible.

google camera android 8

Another improvement is the way you zoom. Until now you had to use two fingers to get something far closer. Android O is tapping twice on the screen enough. Tapping twice, because the image automatically zooms fifty percent. Tapping again twice, cancel the zoom again. Once you are zoomed in, then there is a bottom of the screen slider to adjust the strength of the zoom. This means that the zoom is fully controlled with one finger.

Android O is now also known as Android 8.0. This update is available later this year for Nexus and pixel devices and then slowly rolling out to smartphones from other manufacturers.