google android market

Google stops later this month with the Android Market. This forerunner of the Play Store is still found on older smartphones running Android 2.1 or earlier. Users are not on their device to be notified of the closed Android Market. According to Google is technically impossible. From July this user can not download updates or new apps more through the store.

According to Google, the decision due to the very small number of users of the Android Market. Android Cupcake, Donut, and Eclair are all at least seven years old. Figures show that to find the software less than 0.1 percent of all Android smartphones worldwide. The number of users affected is minimal. Moreover, it requires most of all apps already a newer version of Android.

Android Market

Nevertheless, Google’s decision means the end of a piece of Android history. The Android Market was launched on August 28, 2008, and was the first app store that launched Google operating system. In the first months, the market was very limited. Developers could not charge for their applications, and an application should not exceed 25MB in size.

While apps we now see as indispensable, it took a while became popular on the Android Market – both among developers and users. In March 2009, more than six months after the launch, there were ‘only’ 2300 apps available. Only after a year, Google broke the limit of one billion app downloads. In comparison, the nearly 3 million apps now available in the Play Store are downloaded annually more than 80 billion times.

In March 2012, Google announced that Android Market was replaced by the Play Store. The name change came, so the company besides apps music, movies, ebooks and other media could offer through its online store. Although the official Android Market thus already more than five years is no longer in use, Google has long supported the service.