android ios world share

Android and iOS share the world.


android ios world share


A report published by Katar Worldpanel gives us some interesting information about the global market for smartphones and in particular regarding the positioning of Android in front of iOS.

In the United States, in the three months to January 2017, Android accounted for 56.4% of smartphone sales in the country, 1.8 points lower than the year before. However, Google’s system is still number one, in front of that of Apple which holds only 42% of market share in the world. Note also that the American smartphone market is dominated by three manufacturers. Apple and Samsung share 70% of the market share, far behind them, LG which has 11.1% of sales.


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In Europe, it is different. In the five major European countries (France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain), Android holds 74.3% of the market share. What is interesting to note is that the brand rose by 1.4 percent in one year. Apple is satisfied with only 22.7% of sales.

In any case, Android dominates the world and continues to grab market share to Apple  Around the world.