Android Auto updates

Android Auto updates are not guaranteed for life vehicles.

Google shifts the responsibility for Android Auto updates to the automaker, as the company has announced in an interview with Tweakers. “We have not announced how long we guarantee updates, and it is also the car manufacturers to provide that,” says Patrick Brady. He is the head of engineering within the Android Auto division.

Android Auto is, as the name implies, a system for the car. Each manufacturer can integrate the software into its cars. Unlike, for example, Apple CarPlay is not a smartphone or other device requires the management and implementation are complete by the hardware in the car itself.


Android Auto updates
For example, you can execute apps, to look at road tracks in Spotify or to send a message with WhatsApp. The air conditioning, windows, sunroof and other parts of the vehicle can be controlled with Android auto. Which may optionally also with the voice, because Google Assistant is part of Android Auto.

Although on paper sounds very convenient, brings software in the car also problems with it. Although Google says it does its best to make the software as secure as possible, there are always risks. If Google does not update Android auto, this may mean that consumers ultimately driving in cars with insecure software.