Android adware malware virus

Android adware, Play Store continues to infect millions of machines

Android adware apps are a big problem for Google. Millions are infected devices, so ads keep popping up on Android devices.

When we talk about malware, usually about ways attackers steal information from your device or possibly even take over your phone. Google knows here happily ever more control to get into the Play Store. A specific form of malware, there remains between slipping. That comes to adware. An app infected with Android adware makes constant ads on your device. Research Company SophosLabs reported a newly discovered form that has infected millions of machines.

android adware malware virus

SophosLabs states earlier this week found a new type of Android adware in the Play Store. Which is found in 47 apps in the Play Store, as below Snap Pic Collage app Colour Splash? The apps look innocent and are therefore downloaded over six million times. Once the apps are installed, they show ads on your screen. Also, if you force close the app keep the ads.

SophosLabs is working with Google to remove the infected app, but it seems almost to map with the tap. The apps keep coming. The problem with adware apps that Google Apps can filter out bad. Therefore, they are free in the Play Store and are only removed when a company like SophosLabs finds out.

To protect yourself when downloading apps you sure you can trust the provider, how many times the app has been downloaded, and whether the reviews are positive. It is always useful if you discover an adware app to write a negative review in the Play Store to warn others