Android 7.1.1 chromebook

The Acer Chromebook 14 Lenovo N22, Samsung Chromebook Plus and Dell Chromebook 13 are from today to update to Android 7.1.1. For Asus Chromebook Flip 301 is software ready on the beta channel, while you can update all the Chromebook Lenovo Flex 11 on the dev channel. The latter two laptops you have to keep in mind that this is a preliminary version of the software, which possibly has a few flaws.

The latest version of Android (Android 7.1)provides a significant improvement for Chromebook users. They are now able to adjust the screen size of Android apps. Previously it filled a fixed portion of the screen, now you can drag the height and width itself. In addition, reflected on the background changes to make apps more stable and smoother running.

android 7.1

Last year Google announced Android and Chrome OS closer together. Since then, was Play Store designed for Chrome OS, allowing users to more than a million Android apps to install on their laptops. The feature was initially rolled out gradually, but now can increasingly Chromebooks to the Play Store to get started. Although there were rumors last year that Google Chrome OS and Android eventually merge completely, there seems no longer.

Chromebooks are affordable laptops with few frills. They logically run on Chrome OS, which almost entirely to running the browser. Almost all applications are opened in the browser, though there is often an offline version. The advantage is that there is a little force is required, making the laptops are sold cheaply. That makes them very popular in education.