AH Product Scanner Discover your food with augmented reality

Discover your food with the AH Product scanner app

With a new mobile app, AH Product Scanner, customers can scan a product in stores with their phone camera to receive additional information about ingredients, nutritional values, allergens, recipes, and the origin of products.

Know what you eat, that’s the slogan. But many products often offer just a short list of ingredients, or at most a shelf life date. How do you stay informed about allergy information, or where do you discover the origin of vegetables, fish or meat? Albert Heijn jumps on those questions with a new app.

Ah product scanner

New Technology Product-scan

Says director of marketing and sources at Albert Hain. Mariet van Egmond, “It’s very important to know what products they buy from us and where they come from.” With the help of new technologies, we now offer information at your fingertips while shopping.

In the first phase of this program, 35 private-label meat and fish products have been included in the app. These products now feature a sticker on the packaging that relates to the AH Product Scanner.

The retailer aims to gradually extend this technology to all Albert Heijn-branded products.

To do so, use the AH Product Scanner app from now on, which lets you scan items in the store. After scanning, you will find more information about the ingredients, nutritional value, origin, allergens and anything else that is relevant to the scanned product. You even get recipes that fit the product to inspire you for dinner.

Ah product scanner

The app has augmented reality, showing the virtual information really. Similar to Pokémon GO so, although you do not get this virtual Pikachu this time, to see more information about the origin of your salmon. As soon as you start scanning, the packaging will soon come to life. This way you will see swimming salmon or grazing cows.

The AH Product Scanner then works on any product of the Albert Heijn brand, but only a small selection. You recognize the supported products in the store on the sticker that is attached to it. Eventually, the Product Scanner will also be added to the Appie app by Albert Heijn, now you need a separate app.

Download AH Product Scanner for Android, The AH Product Scanner app is available for download from the Play Store via the link below. The app is completely free and works on any smartphone with Android 4.0 or newer.


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