How to to Add Wireless Printer to Windows 10

Have you got a Wireless Printer or a new network for your home or office and need to install it on Windows 10? In addition to the old days, adding printers in Windows at the moment is usually a very easy process, as long as the printer is not old; first you must clarify how to add the printer on Windows 10 where there is more than one way and then you can easily connect the printer to the computer without any Links, to add wireless printer to Windows 10 is not as difficult as it seems, you just need to connect both your computer and your wireless printer to the same Wi-Fi network to add your printer to Windows 10.

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Steps to Add Wireless Printer to Windows 10

To add a printer in the Windows version from the Start menu begin by clicking on Start, then Settings. after that Select Devices, Next, from printers & scanners, click add a printer or scanner to start Windows to find the printer connected to your computer or Wi-Fi network and this is the first method.

Add Wireless Printer to Windows 10

You can also define Windows on the printer through Control Panel Control Panel and then from the available options Look for Devices and Printers almost the same steps that we used in the old version of Windows XP.

install Wireless Printer to Windows 10

Connect Wireless Printer to Windows 10

Both your Windows 10 computer and your wireless printer must be on the same Wi-Fi network, so you need to connect your printer to the Wi-Fi network, and then use any of the previous methods to start adding the printer, either from the Control Panel and then Devices and Printers Or through the Start menu, then Settings and then click Add a printer. The operating system will search for the printer whether connected to Wi-Fi or via cable and this is the second method.

connect Wireless Printer to Windows 10

If the printer appears in Windows, select the printer name Next and follow the steps to add the printer to Windows 10 If the printer does not appear, make sure that the printer is connected to the Wi-Fi network and then click on Select the printer that I want is not listed.

When the printer does not appear in Windows 10 and clicking on “The printer that I want is not listed”, the Windows Troubleshooting Wizard will resolve the issue of not having the Troubleshoot Installation Printers in Windows 10 and start searching again and handling the errors.

In conclusion, my friend, we have learned how to add a wireless printer to Windows 10 through the previous steps and simple and to meet in other useful posts .. Take our best Regards.


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