How to Add Home button on your iPhone Screen

As we know, the Home button of the iPhone sometimes gets worse and more of the time we need to complain about its lack of responsiveness.As the title of the article suggests, window or application you are running. It will act as an alternative to the home button and you can handle it and access all the functions of the original. Let’s review how to do it in the next few steps to add Home button on your iPhone screen.

Steps to Add Home Button on your iPhone Screen

1.All you need to go to the home menu on your iPhone or iPad. The way is available for all Apple devices.

home menu Add Home Button on your iPhone Screen will need to tap the Settings icon on your iPhone and go to the General section. Then, go down to the “Accessibility” section.

How to Add Touchscreen Home Button on iPhone

3.Then you will search for the Interaction section. You should move a little bit down to find an option called Assistive Touch to enter it and activate the button, wait for a little to show you the Home button on the screen almost invisibly you can click it at length and move it to anywhere in the screen

AssistiveTouch on your iPhone

Once the AssistiveTouch feature is enabled, you should see a sort of white dot appear over the top left of your phone screen. You can place it anywhere on the screen. To do this, simply hold your finger on the white dot for a few seconds and then drag it to move it to the desired location.