Add a conversation partner to Instagram live video and message

Instagram makes it possible to start a live stream with somebody else. Talk to Instagram live with a friend and watch the rest.

How do I Instagram live with a friend?

Instagram adds a new dimension to live videos. Since November 2016, it’s possible to share yourself or your environment. Instagram now allows you to invite a conversation partner. Your followers watch with you both.

During a live video, tap the new icon at the bottom right of the screen to add a guest. Then you need someone looking at that moment. This ensures that the person you invite looks at the screen and is immediately visible. This also means that you do not only add friends in this way but everyone who is watching.

conversation partner to Instagram live video

You need to make choices because Instagram can only one guest at a time. However, nothing stops you from removing a guest and inviting a new one. It’s like you’re organizing your own talk show. Of course, guests also have the option to leave for themselves. Once the live stream is ready, send the video to the “stories” so that others have a day to look back. Or you delete the images.

Instagram update

If you do not see the feature in the app, that may be correct. Instagram tests the new feature for a small percentage of users. You may be able to attend, but you should have another patient. For a long time, however, you do not have to wait because the function will be rolled out worldwide in the coming months.

In any event, make sure you download the latest version of the app on your device. You can do this by clicking on the link below.


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