Adapticons: Esealy Create your own App icons

Looking for a way to brighten your app icons (and thus home screen)? Then you need to try the new Adapticons app, which lets you customize all the icons on your device.

How to make Your own icons with Adapticons

Android 8.0 (O) introduces the so-called adaptive icons, a feature that makes the app icons on an Android device more aligned. Because developers on Android have the freedom to give an app icon any shape or size, your home screen will soon look messy when you install a number of applications.

The adaptive icons allow developers to associate multiple icons with their app. This makes it look more consistent, as it may vary by device or show an app icon round, square or other. The feature, therefore, ensures that an icon on the Samsung Galaxy S8 looks different from the LG G6, for example, but is in line with the rest.

How to build custom app icons easily with Adapticons make Your own icons with Adapticons Download adapticons android

With the new Android app Adapticons, you do not have to wait for Android O to show your apps the same. Open the app and select the icon you want to change. Hereby you choose the applications that are on your device, after which you determine the shape, adjust the size and choose a background color. You can also choose to make all the icons on your home screen black and white.

When you are done, the new icon will be added to your home screen. However, it’s not the case that the new icon replaces the original icon, as you have to manually replace it. Created icons can also be exported as a png file or icon pack, so you can share them easily.

Download Adapticons for Android

Adapticons can be downloaded from the Play Store via the link below. The app is free, but it does contain in-app purchases that you purchase new features and remove the ads. The installation requires Android 5.0+ and about 5MB of free storage.



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