5 Reasons to avoid drain your smartphone battery. In the era in which we live, Owning a phone It is something natural and urgent, Where statistics said 60% of 70% of the world’s population have a phone that meets their needs,
It is also under rapid technological progress Some of the negatives appeared Which may be defective phones
Such as the amount of energy that is depleted by these devices, and for this reason we in this article will provide some reasons that may lead to depletion of energy resources in the phone and how to protect yourself from them.


5 Reasons to avoid drain your smartphone battery

The brightness of the screen is one of the most things that drain the power from your phone, by raising the brightness of the screen to the higher stages, in this case, you kill and wear the battery of your phone without your knowledge, so you must adjust the brightness of the screen at a moderate level Or put it on automatic mode as a precautionary measure.




Wi-Fi is wasting a lot of power on your phone. With Wi-Fi enabled all the time on your phone, you’ll do a continuous scan without interrupting the Wi-Fi networks that surround you. That’s why you’ll waste a lot of energy
To reduce energy loss, you must cancel this feature when you do not need your phone to connect to the

3-Applications that run in the system background


5 Reasons to avoid drain your smartphone battery

Operating applications in the system background waste a lot of power on your phone, especially if you have an Android phone, This is because most applications rely on running them in the drain of your phone battery Significantly,
For this reason, if you have finished using any application, you should not leave the application open on the system, you must close it and exit it permanently.

4-Battery management applications

5 Reasons to avoid drain your smartphone battery

Many phone users use applications that regulate and manage the battery life of the phone but what everyone does not know is that these applications drain a lot of battery power and that is why you should uninstall these applications to save power from your phone.

5-Old operating systems
5 Reasons to avoid drain your smartphone battery

As everyone knows, the operating systems of phones exported by manufacturers are always making updates to help the system to solve some problems, as sometimes these applications in the form of software that helps the phone to ration energy consumption, such as update Eco Energie, which is on the phones Android
That is why you should make updates to the system in order to take advantage of these features without looking for applications just to drain only the battery.