OnePlus 5

4 things we already know about the OnePlus 5.


OnePlus 5

Over the last few days are suddenly several rumors circulating about the new OnePlus 5 flagship. What are the latest rumors, and what can we expect?

OnePlus 5 rumors

If we take the latest rumors are to be believed, OnePlus has announced its new flagship in the coming weeks. Quite unexpectedly, it is not natural: the announcement of OnePlus 3 was a year ago. Of course, any other follow-up of a OnePlus 3T, but this was only a slightly improved intermediate step. We have the latest OnePlus 5 rumors gathered here for you.

1. No OnePlus 4, but OnePlus 5

No, you are wrong: there is not yet published OnePlus 4. Yet the next top model manufacturer is probably the OnePlus 5 if rumors are to believe it. Sources say the OnePlus leaves of 4 ‘, because in China as an unlucky number is seen. Since OnePlus was originally a Chinese company, which makes sense.

OnePlus 5 rumors

By the way, we put our question somewhat of a temporary rumor. Even around the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 4 similar rumors surfaced, but ultimately these manufacturers their device simply features the infamous number. It depends on a bit on how superstitious CEO OnePlus Carl-Pei, but we expect that we’ll just go see the OnePlus 4.

2. Fill the front display

It seems to be the trend in 2017, and also OnePlus is joining them. After the Galaxy S8, and the G6 LG is also the 5 OnePlus is provided with a substantially front glass filling. Around the screen, there would only be minimal edges. For that to happen, the fingerprint scanner at the back moves.
  OnePlus 5

The screen would be 5.5 inches and a resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels. This makes it the first smartphone with a OnePlus QHD resolution. The device itself is possible only 7 millimeters thick, slightly thinner than the Galaxy S8 instance. It would be detrimental to the capacity of the battery: it would only be 3000 mAh, which is far from impressive.
3. Powerful hardware (too much?) Memory capacity

Oneplus choice as with pure power, and it seems like the plan for the new flagship. The OnePlus 5 will probably be a Snapdragon 835 chipset, the latest and most powerful Qualcomm chip. There is a very large 8GB memory available. It is twice as many as in other admiral vessels. It seems impressive, but in practice, you do not need to hurry really. On the back is a 23-megapixel camera.

Oneplus 5

4. Always affordable (but a bit more expensive)

OnePlus brings considerable improvements in hardware. It is expected that this will affect the price. A few years ago, the low price was OnePlus’ most important distinguishing factor. So was OnePlus One suggested less than 300 euros, while competitors are top models for 700 euros or more sold?

Since this extension OnePlus but has gradually increased its prices. Thus OnePlus 3T is sold for 439 euros. In comparison with the Galaxy S7-action cashback, you get this phone already for the same amount at home. It would not surprise us in any case that the OnePlus 5 costs about 450 to 500 euros. Always affordable, but the distance from the competition is still a little smaller.