1Password Travel Mode for Android

The new 1Password Travel Mode allows you to stay protected sensitive data.You’ve always smartphone in your pocket, making the device very soon have your most personal information. Messaging services to health information to intimate pictures: all it can stand on your smartphone. Therefore it is important to protect as much as possible that data.

Shielding that information is only getting more difficult. Not only because attackers constantly try to crack passwords, but also because governments want to gather more and more information about your world. Several states require recently that grants you access to a border to your mobile phone. Other countries such as the US, similar legislation to create or require understanding your activity on social media.



To ensure that you can shield sensitive information on travel, shoot Password managers help. These apps can use namely not only to protect passwords but to put personal information in a protected digital vault.

The new 1Password Travel Mode is that information a lot better protected. You can specify sensitive information with any password or part of the ‘Safe for Travel’ is. Just before you travel, activate the travel mode. All data will be completely removed from your phone until you switch the mode.

1Password is available for free on Google Play, but you have to pay after the first month to continue using the Password Vault. Your smartphone must have at least Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).